Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pictures of Altamira and Belo Monte

"Belo Monster"

"Beautiful mount of lies"

"Norte Energia is better for you"

"Dengue kills" replaced with "CCBM (the consortium for the construction of Belo Monte) kills"

A dance by high school students reenacting colonial invasion
and relating it to the imposition of Belo Monte.

 Poster in the Xingu Vivo office.

The Xingu Vivo office.

Raoni Mektuktire on the cover of an encyclopedia on indigenous issues.

Boats and trucks on the river, in front of town.

The Xingu.

The Norte Energia building as seen through an indigenous monument in Altamira.

A model of the Xingu and Belo Monte inside the Norte Energia building.

The cluster of labels left of center surrounds the main dam.  The river below them, curving around near the edge of the model, is known as the Big Bend of the Xingu, and will be diverted (and thus reduced in flow) to fill the reservoir, which is the winding area in the middle of the model. Altamira is a little area marked by the white marker at the top left of the picture.  Graphics which depict this more simply and clearly can be found by doing a google image search. 

The Belo Monte impact assessment.

The orla, the boardwalk along the river.  It says Altamira in big letters.

A bus paid for by CCBM.

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  1. I really like the photos. The rooster almost doesn't look real. It reminds me of the ceramic roosters you see all around Portugal.

    SW - guess who :)